Top Tip To See Who Has Sent A Meet Me Request On PlentyOfFish

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POF or PlentyOfFish becomes the most popular dating website on earth because on POF, you can find a date very easily and for free. Although you can hardly expect to find a real commitment or a future wife on POF, finding fishes to catch and release, i.e. girls or guys to spend a short date or even to get laid with, is easier to do on POF than it is on other dating websites.

About Meet Me Request on POF

On POF, you’ll get serious with someone if you send a meet me request or if they send you such request. This request signifies that you wish to meet someone you find on POF or vice versa, depending on who sends the request first. On the top of POF page, there is a big Meet Me button that allows you to manage such request. It doesn’t matter whether the meeting is done digitally through POF or other online media or in person. What becomes the problem is that POF doesn’t allow you to know specifically who send such request. POF only informs you that you get a new request. That’s all.

So how can you actually know who send you a Meet Me request on POF? This article basically provides an easy answer for such question.

How to See Who Sends You Meet Me Request on POF

In order to see who sends Meet Me request to you on POF, you don’t need to use any third-party programs. You only need to modify your POF notification settings and use your email inbox. Just like other online services, POF will notify you about various things that happen to your POF account regularly. What you may not know is that POF notifications can also be sent to your email if you give POF permission to do so. Since you will need to use notifications that you receive through your email to find out who sends Meet Me request to you, you definitely need to give such permission.

To specify what kinds of notification POF can send to your email, first, edit your POF profile by clicking Edit Profile link on the top of POF page. In the Edit Profile page, switch to Mail Settings tab. There you can see a bunch of options that determine the types of POF notification that you can receive from your email. The only option that you should pay attention to is the “Send me an email when someone says yes to me on meet me” option. Be sure to switch this option to “Yes” so that you can receive Meet Me notifications from your email.

Wait until you get new POF Meet Me notification. If you get one, check your email inbox and you should see similar notification there. What is different about email notification is that it will also mention the username of the person who sends you the request. Once you get the username, use POF’s built-in search function or a third-party search program to go to the sender’s profile page. There you can give your reply more personally or do more comprehensive communication or interaction with them.

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