Things Men HATE About Female POF Profiles

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POF or PlentyOfFish is one of popular online dating service you can find today. You can find lot of member you can ask for date. However, among many of this online dating service, there are some of them that make man hate them. It’s all because of their profiles. In POF, profiles are important. So, make sure, you create right profile, so, men won’t hate you women. And, here are some of factor that make men hate female profiles on POF.

1. No Profile Picture

Some of female member of POF doesn’t use profile picture. Maybe they think it’s for their privacy. However, how a man know with who they are talking with, when it doesn’t has profile picture. And, it will make male member doesn’t want to spend more time to communicate with this member. Plus, they think that member without profile picture is suspicious. So, it’s important to put profile picture, and it must be a great profile picture. You need to use the best shot you have. This is also the only way to attract male member.

2. Face Shot

Yes, your face is your important feature. However, men want everything to be more visible. They want to know more about the female member. Therefore, the full length body shot is necessary. If you only show your face, it gives you impression that you are trying to hide something. It doesn’t means that all men want to have perfect female partner. But, at least, by showing your full length body shot, you also show that you are honest and have self confidence.

3. No Information about Yourself

Male member like to know more about their partner and this is the only source where they can get the information that they need. So, if female member doesn’t write the information about themselves on their profile, how did the other member know about them?

3. No Elegant Picture

There are several bad pictures that you must avoid, so, you won’t be disliked by men in POF. Here are some of them:

  • Naked picture or semi (showing boobs and butt), it show that you are cheap
  • Picture with holding gun, it’s scary. It like when that female member angry, she can do something horrible that beyond our imagination.
  • Middle finger picture, you will be seen as women with no courtesy
  • Blowing smoke picture, it’s like you are asking money to other men member in POF
  • Group shot, it’s confusing. If other member wants to know more about you, they won’t know which one is the real person that own that account.

Basically, those were few things that men hate about women member profile picture in POF. Actually, there are many of them. But, as long as you avoid those things, there is high chance that you will be easier to get partner or date from POF. And, you must know, most of men that use POF service doesn’t only use it for searching for date. They also are looking for more serious relationship, so it could be girlfriend, fiancée and in the end, wife.

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