PlentyOfFish Q&A: The BEST Insider Dating Tips

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PlentyOfFish or POF is a great online dating community where you can find an excellent date easily and for free. Whether you are looking for a long-term commitment or simply a fish that you can catch now and then release later, POF is always a perfect place to do so. There are several common questions that POF users often ask. Whether you are someone who is curious about POF, a POF user who is new with the dating platform, or a seasoned user who are still figuring out the secrets of gaining dating success in POF, the answers for those questions will definitely enrich your knowledge about POF and inspire you to get better standing in this online dating community. Here are answers to some of the most common questions POF users ask.

I’m shy when meeting new people. How can I break the ice online?

If you find some interesting person on POF but don’t know how to start a conversation, simply use the platform’s Meet Me feature. Start by exploring POF for people whom you will likely be interested in and when you find someone that you consider the right for you, make a Meet Me request. POF will notify that person that you have sent your request. If that person is attractive enough, there might be a lot of people who will make Meet Me request just like you do. If you want to appear on the top of the list, you may want to switch from free account to paid account.

My profile page is like a barren wasteland. No one sees it and sends me messages.

Most POF users feel what you feel when they have just started using POF, but believe me, such experience is only temporary. Most POF users will take a look at your photo. If you use an alluring photo on your profile page, you can improve your visibility. Try to experiment with one photo for a couple of weeks before switching to another photo. Carry out this experiment until you find a photo that is the most appealing and then use it. You may also want to check your mail restriction setting to make sure that people who are interested in you can send you messages. Also turn on all notifications so that you will be informed if someone tries to make a contact with you.

What are topics to avoid/to use when writing my profile?

An appealing profile story is a great instrument to make you stand out, so make sure that you avoid topics that will make people stay away from you and use topics that will boost their interest in you. Topics to avoid include your past love or your ex, your divorce or failed relationship, your long status as a single, anything sexual or erotic, what you dislike from a partner, a checklist of anything, and clichés or generalization. Instead, you should focus on topics like your hobby and interests, favorite music or movies, the most favored pursuit in your life, your ideal first date, or an anecdote.

What is that yellow dot on people’s image?

There are two types of POF account: free and paid. People with paid account have yellow dot on their main image. This dot signifies that those people enjoy some advantages that are not available for people with free account.

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