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PlentyOfFish or POF, when it goes with its popular name, is one of the massive and popular online dating services you can find today. To join and find the fish, which is the way you call your potential dating partner you can find through this service, is quite easy. You just need to sign up and you already got your membership. Then, you can start search women that you like and want to have date with. The problem is it doesn’t always work and for some people, it never worked out like they want to be. If you are one of these people, here is some great advice, so, you can get a big catch in PlentyOfFish Online Dating service.

There are two different methods you can use to attract other member and get a date. First is asking about interesting thing. It’s not about the thing that the member that you interested with interested. Instead, you can use something that totally out of topic, but still interesting to talk about. For example, you can start conversation or sending her message about her favorite animal. Also, ask why she likes that animal. And, along with that message, you also give her information about your favorite animal and your reason to like that animal. It doesn’t mean you have to mention your real favorite animal. You can mention any animal that comes up in your mind and give you interesting reason why you like it. Now, what you need is the respond and here on, you can decide if you are going to go with that member or not.

The good respond is when she gives you answered that is similar to yours. It doesn’t means that she has to have similar animal with yours. But, if she write about animal that she like and the reason that feels girly, that is the sign that you are ready to go on. Just keep talking and you will get there, eventually. However, if she give some scientific-like respond, you may need to find other women, because she is too smart, which is not good for this kinds of relationship.

The other method is straightforward method. If you like her body part, such as waist or legs, just says it straightforward. This method doesn’t always work, but when it does, it will have better chance than the first method to get closer to that member. Basically, if you get good respond with this method that means the women already open her heart for you.

The other important thing is your profile. It’s good idea to have profile, where you looks like have been hitting lot of girl. You can do this by searching the member and click on their profile than back to previous page and hit another member profile. Its good idea, if you only limit your search to the women that is located 5 miles from your place.  This will make you really looks like popular guys. Now, you don’t need to worry when you want to get date from PlentyOfFish.

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