PlentyOfFish Dating Advice For Men

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So you have entered PlentyOfFish, but you confuse why you could not attract women to be your partner online. Is there something wrong with you? No, you are fine, but maybe you have done something that made women step away from your line. Don’t be discourage. You can fix your dating method, and you’ll get potential partner in the future. So for you all men who have entered PlentyOfFish, we are going to give you some dating advice that could help you attract women. Have a look.

Don’t set her on a pedestal

On dating online site, woman often receives emails that compliment her in various imaginable kind. In the beginning, woman might feel flattered. However, when she read the same compliment email over and over again, she would get tired. As the result, she would ignore emails that filled with flattering words. Thus don’t be that guy who set her on a pedestal. Just keep cool and act casual. Cool guy will intrigue woman to know him more.

Don’t compliment her based on her look

Just like we said before, woman will get hundred compliment from another men about how she looks. When you hear too many compliment with the same sounds, you don’t find them as honest compliment anymore. It sounds generic that woman won’t feel flatter anymore. If you want to impress her, give her compliment based on what she likes. That way your compliment will stand out among the others.

Have on your own opinion

Men often think that if he always agree with everything women says then women will like him for having the same opinion. Actually, women hate if men do that. Women will get an impression that you are weak and lazy for not making your own opinion. Women will think that you would be a boring partner, and she will find another man to interact with.

Don’t be afraid to make fun of her

Women didn’t use to have man making fun of her because men who contact them always said something nice to them. When you make fun of her and yourself, it indicates that you have confidence. Women like men with confidence. You may make fun her interests, but not her physical look.

Take your time and act cool

When you open POF you might see that woman you like or interacted before are online too. Don’t rush in to send her message. Keep acting cool and wait for a while before you send her message. Woman do not like needy man. Take your time as if you have you don’t see the notifications.

Treat her equal

Women do not like if men act like they are superior. Treat them equal, and don’t boast like you are the perfect man in the world. Women might see you as an arrogant man. Whatever you said, just remember for not lying to them because one day they will know your lie. Be yourself, relax and enjoy your conversation with them. Hope your dating on PlentyOfFish get success and you’ll find woman you like.

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