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Ok. So now you have an account in online dating with very interesting photos and short profile that is not less interesting. Then, what is the next step? “It’s time to start a conversation with the matches!” so here’s Plenty Of Fish Quick Message.

But, how the hell started the right conversation? Looks easy indeed, but make no mistake! In starting a conversation with new people especially if through online dating, need to pay attention to some of the following things so as not to misstep and lead to messages that never returned on Plenty Of Fish Quick Message:

  1. No need for too much chit chat
    Believe me, if you spend too much time composing a simple message, your conversation will not last long, not even responded at all. No one will be interested in a boring message that is sometimes clear what the answer is. So instead of typing questions like:
    “Hi, can I know you?”
    Or: “Try online dating too right?”
    Or worse: “Hi good afternoon!”
    Why not try to ask more questions to the point, weighted, and informative, such as:
    When dealing with photos:
    “Your profile photo is diving where? Very good!”
    When it comes to writing ‘about you’:
    “Liked the culinary tour? You should try Sunday Market in Old Town!”
  2. Show that you want to know more about his or her
    The main purpose of getting someone to chat is to get to know his or her more. So make sure that the message you’ve presented clearly shows your intentions. You can start by asking about his hobby or his/her favorite music / movie / book. Or if he or she has mentioned it on his/her profile, you can directly discuss it while brainstorming. For example like this: About the movie: “Are you a loyal audience of Sherlock Holmes? I also watch this! The last episode makes me curious. When the new season start again?”
  3. Be creative
    In online dating, we usually meet not only one, but several potential mates. Imagine among the many potential mates, all sending you a message. Which the message will you reply first? Of course the most unique and unusual, right? Well, the same is true for your spouse. If you want to send a message and hope your message is not just read, then start thinking out of the box and be a bit creative in processing the greeting message. Here I give an example:

The story of your someone you interest with has explains in his profile that he has a dog named Carla. Then the greeting messages you can try include:

“Hi (Name), please convey this message to Carla, yes. Tell that I have a dog named Miko who wants to spend the afternoon walking with Carla, and the owner of course. Let me know if Carla has said ‘okay’. ”

So, this is the tips for Plenty Of Fish Quick Message. Good luck to try this and it’s work! Trust me!

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