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Plenty Of Fish ( is an popular online dating service site in the whole world, there’s a million people who have account in this online dating site, and a million people online every day. So if you join in this online dating service site, you can meet and contact with someone so easily and also you can meet someone who interest to you and match. Plenty Of Fish can be downloaded so easily by your phone on App Store for IOS, Play Store for Android, and Windows Store for Windows Phone. Plenty Of Fish App icon has changed the design several times, so this is Plenty Of Fish App Icon:

Company logo is an important thing to be thought of by everyone, whether that will open a business or who has run its business. This is because the logo is an identity that differentiates from other companies and is needed to build trust in your brand. In addition, the logo also reflects the vision, mission, and culture of your company. If a logo has such important meaning, then why do many companies change or redesign their company logo that has been known and embedded in the minds of people? Plenty Of Fish App icon Wouldn’t that just add to the job as well as the promotional costs? Before answering the questions above, you need to know in advance the important reasons underlying the redesign of the company logo.

Logo is not up to date
As a growing company, we generally find that logos that were originally created to reflect the services and values of a brand are becoming obsolete. At times like this, the decision to redesign the company logo becomes a wise move to refresh corporate identity to accurately “communicate” with who and what they represent now, rather than who and what they represented ten years ago.

Change Vision and Mission Company
Changes in leadership or ownership of a company often impact on changes in the vision and mission of the company itself. And the change of vision and mission is almost always followed up with customization of corporate logo design. Logo is a form of representation of your business, and changes in vision and mission will inevitably affect branding, communication and corporate image. Sometimes, the latest design trends also affect the process of redesigning a company’s logo.

Technical Issues on Logo Usage
At the first time to build a business and create a logo design, often that comes to mind is a form of ciamik logo and colorful with luxurious impression. Unwittingly, the company logo was constrained technical problems at the time will be implemented on print media. In addition to technical issues, the logo also has the potential to increase company cost. Just imagine if the logo of your company looks colorful with a variety of color mixtures. Your logo may look beautiful on the screen. But when you want to print it, you will face many difficulties, from machines that may not be able to produce color prints that close to your logo color, a bloated cost especially if you print banners on fabric, and so forth. Another problem relating to the technical logo making is the difficulty of your company logo to be varied. That is, when you open a new division and require a logo of its own, then usually the logo of the parent company will be slightly varied to become a logo for the new division. And if this need can’t be implemented by your initial logo, then it becomes one of the important reasons for you to immediately redesign the company logo.

So, this Plenty Of Fish App icon. Happy Fishing on Plenty Of Fish!

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