How To Upload Your Photo From Facebook To PlentyOfFish

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Many people often ask how to upload pictures from Facebook to Plenty of Fish. Today, in order to meet your match, you cannot just use social media. You have to use dating websites as well. Dating website such as Plenty of Fish can be your way to meet your perfect match. One of the most required things in making Plenty of Fish account is providing your pictures. Usually you already have your pictures uploaded on Facebook. How to use those Facebook pictures on Plenty of Fish? Below is how.

  1. Choose Desired Photo

Unfortunately, Facebook and Plenty of Fish are not related at all. So, if you have to use your Facebook pictures on your Plenty of Fish account, you have to do it manually. First of all, you need to open your Facebook profile and then choose the desired photo. Choose nice photo that shows your face entirely and that you think most attractive.

  1. Download the Photo

Once you find the photo, click the photo. Then, click right on the mouse and you will see several options including “save image as”. Click this option. Then, you will get redirect to the storage of the computer. You can choose the folder and location where you want to save the picture. Say for example, you want to save the picture on “download” folder. Click the folder and then click “save”. Your picture will be downloaded and saved there.

  1. Open Plenty of Fish Website

Now, you need to upload those pictures on Plenty of Fish. First of all, you need to open the website. Type the address of Plenty of Fish website. Once you have done that, press enter and wait until the website is fully loaded.

  1. Login and Go to Profile

After the website is fully loaded, check on the upper right corner area. Fill the “Username/Email” box with your user name or your email that you use to register your Plenty of Fish account. Then, full the “password” box. Press enter and then go to your profile.

  1. Upload Photos

On your profile menu, find the option “image”. Click it and then you will see “click to upload image” button. Click it until it becomes green and then it will direct you to the storage of your computer. Because you saved your pictures from Facebook in “download”, click “download” folder and select all the pictures that you want to upload. Then, follow the steps in order to choose the thumbnails of the images. Last but not least, click save. Your photos will be uploaded shortly and your Plenty of Fish account will have the pictures exactly like on your Facebook page.

Remember that you have to choose high quality image in order to make your Plenty of Fish account looks great. The pictures should be clean and not blurry so that it can be seen easily. Also, remember to choose photo which is not provocative and inappropriate because Plenty of Fish can take down your photo if you upload inappropriate pictures.

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