How To Upload Images On PlentyOfFish

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If you are about to upload your images on plenty of fish, you better pay attention to list of the steps that you should do. Plenty of fish is one of the famous online dating sites that provide a lot of options for men or women who are seeking for friends or partner. Plenty of fish is also a perfect place to add more references when you are about to start a relationship. Ok, now let’s continue to the steps to upload images on Plenty Of Fish.

Steps to Upload Images

Before you upload your images on POF make sure that you have registered yourself properly. Once you open your account. After that you can go to your profile and then continue by clicking upload images. Start from the upload images page, you can scroll down the screen a little bit. Here, there will be two options for you; first of all you can upload images from your Laptop or PC.

You can also upload images from Facebook. You can add around 8 images to your profile; however, if you upgrade it you can add around 16 images at once. But, you need to remember that all the images that you upload would be your own images. In other words, you are not allowed to upload other images like cartoon, celebrities, or other part of body like torso. You also need to set your images on the privacy mode so that the only people who can display your images are the ones who become your friends. Remember, uploading nudity leads to the deletion of your account. Some people improve the images on their account to get better responses.

If you upload it from your PC or Laptop, first of all, you need to click the upload images and then go to the folder where you keep the images that you want to upload. Click the images and then upload it. Just as easy as you upload images on social media. However, if you want to upload your images from Facebook, you can click the button and then click “connect to Facebook”. Right after that, your Facebook account will be connect it to your POF profile. So, it is very easy to do.

Things you should be Aware of

If you are looking for someone to hook up then you are in the wrong place. Plenty of Fish does not allow its member to find people for regular hook up. Therefore, if they find out that you are doing it, they will delete your account. If you are looking for casual encounters, they have specific page. You can click on the link which is available in the description below the video. The link leads to recommended legitimate sites that allow its members to do casual hook up. The site has been around for about 20 years or since 1996. To get access to this kind of site, you only need to have free basic account.

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