How To Message A Lady On POF 

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Do you get interested in chatting with a girl on an online dating site like PlentyOfFish? If you get it, you will probably send a message to the chosen lady. Messaging a lady seems to be easy. But, it is not as easy as it looks. It requires right tricks to have a nice response from the lady. Don’t make a wrong step to start a conversation and communication with the girls. Here are the tips to message a lady on PlentyOfFish site.

Don’t Write General Poetic Phrases

Most of the men want to give a positive impression when they first time meet the girls. The men mostly write general poetic sentences and phrases when they send a message to ladies.


This is very general that must be prevented if you want to get a response of the lady. Don’t say too sweet and often say hi, how are you, have you eaten yet?, and you are so beautiful. Those are ridiculously poetic sentences making girls and ladies bored on it. Ladies will never despite all men efforts to send a message. You may make it but just put it in the balance portion. Don’t often give her too many romantic and poetic sentences. Lastly, don’t praise any body parts of the lady. That is awful.

Making Polite Phrases on Message

The next way is composing polite phrases on the message that will be sent. Every girl dislikes poetic and trash sentences that are always given by men. Please, write polite sentences and phrases when you want to send a message. Don’t make so complicated, complex, and romantic phrases to girls. Don’t also write naughty phrases because every girl thinks that the relationship goal is taking you on his bed.  Be polite and honorable during starting a message and conversation.

Finding Lady’s Interest

Before you send a message to a lady, you must read all information on the lady profile on PlentyOfFish. This is aimed at finding her interests, hobby, and activities. You can ask all her favorite things and activities included on the profile. This can be a hot topic to discuss. Though it has no information included, don’t give up. This is a brilliant chance to get an intense communication between her. You can ask her about some kinds of things. But, make sure that you have rather close to that girl in order that she responds your message. You can be a relax, calm, and nice man during chatting with the lady.

Telling The Truth of Your Intention

The last way is telling the truth. When you make an account of PlentyOfFish and you message a lady, you absolutely want a relationship goal with this communication. You can ask straight for your intention to the lady politely. Please, be polite. The goal of this intention can be friends with benefits, friends only, or the others. If the lady has no response, don’t force her too much because she will run away from you. Follow the flow of your communication to the chosen lady. Those are several tips to do when you want to message a lady on PlentyOfFish site.

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