How To Improve Your Profile: PlentyOfFish (POF) Advice Series For Women

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PlentyOfFish is a popular and most wanted dating site in the world. There are many women making an account in this dating site in which they hope finding a boyfriend. When you make an account, don’t just create it at all. You must improve your account profile in order to get attention and interests of many men to see your profile. Here are several tips on how to improve your profile on PlentyOfFish that can be conducted.

Posting Your Best Images

Images and photos take an important deal with the appearance of your profile on PlentyOfFish. It is important to post your best images on the profile on PlentyOfFish. You should choose outdoor background for your photos. Make sure that it has best shot and clear headshot when you capture your photos in outdoor area. This influences the appearance of your photos to post on the profile.

Then, it is good to use photos about you. It means that you post images and photos telling who you are. Don’t upload fake photos describing you. For example, you hate playing some kinds of sports. But, you act as if you loved it. Upload natural photos telling about you. The next tip is using your recent photos. Please, don’t post the oldest photos because it is not reliable. Just upload up to date photos on your profile on PlentyOfFish.

Don’t use professional photos. It means that you capture photos in photo studios for working purposes. It looks weird and not interesting to gain interests of men. It is better to use casual photos. You take photos in a relaxing and casual poses so that it can increase your inner beauty. Don’t make a selfie shot because it looks lying. Just show your interests on your photos.

It is recommended to upload photos showing your active sides. You can post photos when you do some spots. This makes you like an active person loving some kinds of activities. Then, don’t forget to show off your interests through your photos. If you like cooking, baking, playing musical instruments, and many more, you can capture it when you are doing it.

Concerning on Your Profile

After you improve your photos and images, it is time to concern on your profile on PlentyOfFish. You have to tell what you want on the profile. If you want to have a serious relationship, tell the truth. Don’t be shy. There are many women account users feeling shy on telling the truth. Then, don’t forget to list your interests on your profile. For example, if you love travelling, riding a bike, reading books, playing guitar, walking my dog, playing tennis, and many more, you can list it all on your profile. Then, please choose a great username that is catchy and interesting. Unique usernames are allowed like Beernwings44, ThirtyandCurvy, and SalsaAddict44. Don’t forget to write funny headline on your profile telling who you are to catch eyes of men.

Increase Your Description on Your Profile

Description takes an important role to catch eyes and interests of men. You must keep it positive. It means that you should choose positive sentences to convey positive message when you describe yourself. Don’t make a long description because it doesn’t make a short story. Please, write short and catchy description. Then, the second paragraph just tells who you are and what you did in your free time. The last paragraph of your description can contain the reason and purpose that you are looking on PlentyOfFish. Finally, read and review it to minimize some mistakes and errors.

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