How To Improve Your Profile: PlentyOfFish (POF) Advice Series For Men

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Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. There are many people registering to be a member of this dating site by making an account. The account needs to tell your profile description in order to make the girls know you are. Most of the men or boys often make a mistake in making a profile so that it influences the mission of finding a girl target. These are several tips on how to improve profile on Plenty of Fish.

Dealing with Your Images

An important element of profile on PlentyOfFish is your images. The images take an important deal with the appearance of profile account. Make sure that you pick out the best picture and image for your profile. Don’t take a too much and weird images.


The girls tend to love simple images on the profile. It is better to avoid posting selfie images because it makes you as a man look not masculine. Most of the girls hate this selfie photo shot. You may post and upload some images in different situations. For example, you take an image in a mountain. Then, you have photos when you are doing exercises like baseball, basketball, or football on your images. Try upload different-photo background images on the profile account.

Concerning on Deal Breakers

When you want to fulfill the complete data and personal information on PlentyOfFish, you must meet some criteria of deal breakers for men. There are some data that must be completed. The first is about gender in which you need to change it correctly. The age is between 28 to 38 years old that is recommended. Meanwhile, your address becomes the next one. You can put how far you live. Then, the most important one is about your dealing intention of this account whether you find a friendship or a close relationship. Don’t make it an empty box.

Putting Your Profession

You must fulfill profession data on the site of PlentyOfFish. Please, make a real data. Don’t post fake profession data. If you don’t work yet or become a fresh graduated student, tell the truth in a smooth sentence. But, if you are working, write your job profession in details whether you are a teacher or technical worker.

Showing Your Intent

Every girl usually loves men showing a wide variety of intents. What is intent? This is like a kind of interest and activities loved by men. You can show it through words and photos that you posts in different backgrounds including sports, hiking, climbing, and many more. The girls will love it because you deliver a positive impression through some positive activities conducted.

Making Your Best Description

The last one is making your best description on the profile on PlentyOfFish. Don’t tell your negative description. Just tell your positive description because it influences the mind and interest of girls in your profile. You can describe yourself in details to convey right information to the girls. Those are several tips that can be conducted for improving your profile on PlentyOfFish.

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