How To Delete PlentyOfFish (POF) Account

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Following Plenty of Fish or POF is interesting but sometimes you also want to delete your account there. The problem is that it is difficult to delete your POF account. Here, you are about to learn how to delete Plenty of Fish or POF account. Before learning about that, you should know that most of websites which want to find followers or customers are trying to keep their customers. As the result, they are using complicated system so it is difficulty for you to delete your account. This is including Plenty of Fish.

This online dating website attracts more and more people to come. At the same time, it is hard for the users to delete their account. This article will show to you how to delete plenty of fish account faster and easier. So, here are the steps to do.

First, you have to login to your Plenty of Fish account. Then, you will see three different options which are my profile, edit profile, and help. Second, just go to the help page by directly clicking it. When you are successfully opening the help page, you will see Plenty of Fish FAQ. You can learn the detail by reading it if it is necessary. Third, there are 6 different options you can see there. What you have to do is choosing the delete account section. Clicking the delete account section it doesn’t mean your account is successfully deleted. After clicking it, you are directed to the next page. This page seems to make you sure that Plenty of Fish is a useful dating website. It shows you how to make a successful online dating along with the success stories from the members. If you really care about it any more and you just want to delete your account, just scroll and check the bottom of the page. Just choose “to delete your account” section. Just click the link and again, they don’t want you to leave their website. Because of that there is the fourth step of how to delete Plenty of Fish account. In this step, you have to complete the online form. It is a must to type your username, password, reason for leaving, and many more. When the online form is completely filled, you just need to click the quit or give up button.


Are we done yet? Actually, you have been deleted your Plenty of Fish account. The final reminder from the website is that you have to make sure that the account has been used for 24 hours before you can delete it. So, if you still have it for a few hours and you are getting bored, you can’t automatically delete your account. Just wait until you can delete the account and then follow the steps explained above. You are allowed to try and explore this website first especially if you are a new member. Don’t waste your account and try the best. If finally you still not get the interesting one, learning how to delete Plenty of Fish account can be a better option.

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