How To Create A PlentyOfFish Ad

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What if you want to create and Ad on Plenty Of Fish? Well, there are some steps that you can do concerning the topic. Plenty of Fish or commonly known as POF is an online dating site which is used for men and women who are seeking for friends or casual dating. POF is a safe environment since they can easily blog and even ignore whoever they want. This site has been available for quite sometimes. The famous site leads to many benefits including for marketing; therefore, many people use the site to promote their products and services. Here is the list of things that you should pay attention if you want to put an advertisement on the site.

What you should do to put Advertisement on POF?

In order to put the advertisement on the POF, you need to need to go to its platform and to have an account. First of all, you need to log in to Plenty of Fish Advertisement. Once you open the page, you will be able to see a graphic as well as your current account status. On the page, you will see “help” button. You need to click that button and after you click the button; the page displays a list of steps that you can follow.

There are 5 steps and each step should be completed one by one. The first step is creating a new campaign. In this step, you need to click “create campaign” button. Remember to name your campaign according to your advertisement. This step will avoid you from confusion and don not forget to complete the information. You also need to target your audience. At this point, targeting can do either damaging or developing your campaign.

The second is you need to edit your new campaign. The step continues to upload creativity session and then to approval process as well as indemnity. Moreover, you can find anything that you need concerning the Ad by clicking the FAQ section. There you can see question and answer session. At this session, you can see common questions that are usually asked. The questions include Ad sizes, placements, and costs, get the Ad live, creative part, nifty POF features as well as tools, bidding system, troubleshooting, targeting, funding, tracking and reporting system, impressions, reason for being declined, account setting, and brand new users.

In the uploading creative session, you will find advertising guidelines. At this session, you can click the button and you will see there are 4 to 5 guidelines. These guidelines include advertising restriction, landing pages, references; add copy and images contents, prohibited contents, data and privacy, and also targeting. You can also check some prices or discounts that are being offered. In each guideline, you can also see a list of the things that you should do per guideline. At this session, you can also learn that there are prohibited contents. The prohibited contents include misleading, false, and deceptive. Spy camera or in other words, illegal surveillance camera are also not allowed. Adult contents like adult toys or anything that emphasize on sexuality is also prohibited. So, those are guidelines that you must follow in order to upload an Ad in POF.

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