How To Change POF Password

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A lot of users of POF (Plenty of Fish) website often ask how to change their POF password. As we know, meeting someone to date or have serious relationship can be done online right now. With internet, dating sites are just numerous and we can use them to get in touch with someone. Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular dating sites across the world. It has thousands of active users. The aim of this dating sites is to connect people with mutual attractions so that they can meet in the real world. Having POF account on the website means that you have to maintain the security of the account. The only way to do it is by changing your POF password every once in a while. If the password is changed regularly, there is just small possibility that the account can be hacked. If you are a POF user and you have no idea how to change the password, below is the further information for you.

1. Open the Website

The first thing you have to do is open the website. Open your web browser on the computer or laptop and then type the address of Plenty of Fish website. Once you have done that, press enter and wait until the website is fully loaded.

2. Log In

After the website is fully loaded, check on the upper right corner area. Fill the “Username/Email” box with your user name or your email that you use to register your Plenty of Fish account. Then, full the “password” box. Once you complete them, click “check mail!” box or just simply press enter.

3. Change the Password

To change your password, you need to find the “Edit Profile” section on the website. Once you find it, you need to scroll the mouse to the bottom of the page. There, you will see “Change Password” option. Click it. You will have to enter your old password. Please remember to type the old password correctly. After that, in the next box, type your new password. You will have to type your new password twice. Make sure that the new password you type twice is identical. Then, find a “update password” box and then click it. Your password is going to be changed immediately.

Once the password is changed, you need to remember it clearly so that you type your new password instead of the old one when you log in to the Plenty of Fish website. When you create your password, remember that the longer your password, the stronger it will be. So, just do not create short password and do not use your birthday as your password as it is easily hacked. For safety, you can use a mix of numeric characters and alphabetical characters. You can also make your password even more secure by mixing uppercase and lowercase letters. That way, your password is not going to be easily hacked. However, you need to remember the password precisely including how to type it correctly so that you do not get locked from your own Plenty of Fish account.

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