How To Build A Simple Landing Page For POF Using Dreamweaver

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POF or PlentyOfFish is the most popular dating website on the internet not only because it allows its users to find a date easily, but also because it offers free account to them. There is premium account that POF uses to fund its service, but this paid account is not POF’s only source of income. Just like other social media websites and online services, POF also heavily relies on advertising. POF has become very enchanting for date finders. It is now proven to be enchanting as well for money seekers.

Why Do You Need a Landing Page for POF?

If you want to advertise on POF, you can decide whether to use a landing page or not. If you use a landing page, POF users who click on your ads will go to your landing page, which will then direct them to your advertiser’s page. If you don’t use a landing page, POF users will go directly to your advertiser’s page if they click on your ads. In both scenarios, you will be paid if they do actions required by the advertisers on the advertiser’s page, not on your landing page.

You may think that a landing page is useless as it gets in the way. Well, think about this. A man going to a car dealership may not buy any car if he only sees a bunch of fancy cars with no one giving them information about those cars as car is a big purchase. The chance for a purchase to be made is bigger if a salesman is there to explain the cars’ fuel economy, resale value, and other superior features. A landing page is like a salesman. POF users who are interested in clicking your ads are expected to experience interest boost when they arrive at your landing page before going straight to your advertiser’s page.

How to Build a Simple Landing Page for POF Using Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is a user-friendly tool to create any webpage, be it HTML or PHP-based. You don’t have to have stellar knowledge about scripting in order to create a landing page for everything, including POF. There is a video that you can watch to understand the step-by-step procedure of creating a landing page using Dreamweaver. Basically, to create a simple POF landing page using Dreamweaver, you need only two primary components, an index.php file that will becomes the page and a style.css file that will define how page elements appear on the page. The video also shows ready-to-use scripts that you can use to get your page to work. After you link the CSS file to your PHP file and put every class from your CSS file in separate DIV tags in your PHP file, you can arrange the placement and format of each class using simple drag and drop mechanism. After watching the video, you should be surprised of how easy and fast it is to create an eye-catching landing page that will surely catch the attention of your audience and help you make profit improvement.

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