How Do You Delete A POF Account

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POF or Plenty of Fish has become one of the most favorite dating websites in the world. The representative of POF claimed that this dating website has over 100 million users who are already registered. A lot of users of Plenty of Fish have found their lovers thanks to Plenty of Fish. In case you are already got your lover or to bored with all those things related to dating and have a desire to delete the account of Plenty of Fish, read this entire article because this one will help you. So, how do you delete a POF account?

Do you really want to delete the account of Plenty of Fish? Before saying yes, please consider that the temporary deactivating Plenty of Fish account might be the one that can help you. There are some benefits of this temporary deactivating Plenty of Fish account. With this thing, all the data of your account will not be deleted. It is such a good alternative for you who might want to come back to Plenty of Fish later in the future.

If you are really certain that you want to delete your Plenty of Fish account permanently, here are some steps you have to do.

The first one is open the official website of Plenty of Fish on any internet browser you prefer. The second one is enter the username or email and its password associated with the account. Then, click on Check Mail. The third one is click on Help tab which is located on the top of the page, between Edit Profile and Logout. Among a lot of options, please click on “Delete account”. This one is located under “How do I delete my account” heading. After that, you will be directed to the account of the deletion page. Later, you will be asked again to fill some kinds of information such as your username, your password, your reasons for leaving the account of Plenty of Fish, the number of dates you went on, and whether you will recommend Plenty of Fish to the others or not. Aside from those questions, the representative of Plenty of Fish will also warn you the consequence of deleting the account of Plenty of Fish. If you decide to delete your account, you will not be able to use any data that associated with your profile permanently. Complete all of the questions well and please make double check. Once you have completed it all, please click on “Quite/Give Up/Delete Account” tab, the tab with the purple color.

In many cases, the account of Plenty of Fish still cannot be deleted even after following the procedures as explained above. There is no other way than sending a mail to Plenty of Fish. Go make one humble request in order to delete your account and send one to the customer service of Plenty of Fish via mailing is  Remember to think more than once before deciding to delete your account.

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