Choosing A Great Username On POF

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Besides profile photo, username is an important thing to consider if you want to attract and get partner online. Just like a book title, people won’t even look twice for a plain username. Username is your brand on dating site. If you use unique username, people will curious what does it mean. As the result they will intrigue with your profile. Combine with great profile photo and you will receive hundreds of email from potential partner. PlentyofFish (POF) as one of leading dating sites has thousands of members with various kinds of username. We’re sure you want your username standing out among the others. So here we are to give you some advice for choosing a great username on POF. Have a look.

Choose username that describe your character

The easiest way to create username is by identifying what kind of character you are. Are you an adventurous person, bold people, daring, joy person, etc.? Characters you have could be great username, for example, AdventurousAustralianman, JoyfulDancer, etc. Or you can,

Choose username based on your hobbies, activities, favorite subjects, or interest

You must have some interests in your life. Make a simple list what they are. You can combine two of your interests or combine one of your interest with your character. Here are some examples for you.

  • You love to drink and dance, SalsaNClinks can be your choice
  • You love surfing, SeizeTheWaves can be your choice.

Combining some interests and hobbies can be a great username, but you should remember,

Don’t be ridiculous

You might have a passion to particular sport or car, in fact, you obsessed with them. You can use your creativity, and create playful pun. However, don’t be too ridiculous that no one can understand what your pun try to describe. If someone don’t understand your username, they won’t interest to look at your profile and know you furthermore.

Make it funny

Most people come to Plenty of Fish because they want to have some fun in relationship. They do not want getting a boring partner online. Just like we tell you in the beginning, your username is your identity in dating site. Funny username shows to anyone who view your profile that you are joyful and fun to talk or go with.

Ask a question

A question mark on username can intrigue someone to ask you back, so they will send a reply to you. A question mark also indicates a playfulness trait in you, for example, CanYouFindIt. Someone might send you reply “What are you looking for?”, and from that you can start conversation.

Avoid username that sounds desperate and gross.

We know that you want to find partner by entering Plenty of Fish, but it does not mean you have to show that you are too desperate to get a perfect partner. Avoid these kinds of username; LonelyWoman, PickMeForOnce, or LookinToCommit. No one wants to get weak and desperate partner. Besides depressing username, avoid also username that sounds gross like IDon’tHaveHerpes or HungryForLadies.

That’s concluded our advice for choosing a great username on POF for you. Hope it can help you finding and attracting someone you like.

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